Podcast Jam Vol.1


Welcome to Podcast Jam Vol. 1

This is a superb podcast music collection made specially for podcasting.

It contains five intro/outro tracks that you can use for your title intros,

and twelve superb music beds for your podcast content.


Our new Podcast series will make you sound like a pro ! Royalty free music Podcast Jam Vol.1



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NamePlaySize Length
01 Intro Jingle 1

0.5 MB0:34 min
02 Intro Jingle 2

0.6 MB0:40 min
03 Intro Jingle 3

0.7 MB0:44 min
04 Intro Jingle 4

0.6 MB0:37 min
05 Intro Jingle 5

0.8 MB0:50 min

3.6 MB3:58 min
Back for Love

3.4 MB3:43 min
Fly away

1.5 MB1:36 min
Guiding light

3 MB3:16 min
Hold on

3 MB3:17 min
In the night

3.8 MB4:09 min
In to the fire

4.2 MB4:38 min
Inside my car

3.3 MB3:36 min
On the phone

3.8 MB4:09 min
Place to be

3.3 MB3:36 min

3.2 MB3:26 min
let me

3.5 MB3:49 min